Saint-Bernard breed

Name: Saint Bernard
Country of origin: Switzerland
Classification: FCI group 2, standard no. 61
Occurrence: Approximately 600 animals in Switzerland, not a very common breed, average number of puppy entries per year: 100.
  • Instep height
    Dogs at least 70 cm, bitches at least 65 cm
  • Weight
    Dogs 75 to 85 kg, bitches 50 to 70 kg
  • Coat
    Long and shorthaired. Colour: Primary colour white, with reddish brown plate-like splashes of varying size (splash coat) or even a constant reddish brown upper coat on the back and flanks (mantle coat).
    Short-hair variety: Upper coat thick, smooth, close-fitting and dense with lots of ground fur.
    Long-hair variety: Mid-long, straight upper coat with lots of ground fur. Regular grooming is essential.
Life expectancy: An average of 8 years
Personality: Generally friendly, temperament ranging from quiet to lively, alert, slightly independent.
Exercise: An hour-long walk each day as well as freedom to move about in and around the house.
Training: The Saint Bernard is primarily a family pet but can be suited to sport and dog-cart pulling depending on its build.
Type of owner: A Saint Bernard needs contact with a family. Its owner must have plenty of time to devote to the dog.
Observations: The Saint Bernard has been the Swiss national dog since 1884.