Show your commitment to your own personal Saint Bernard!

Taking on a sponsorship is a way of supporting your sponsor dog and the varied work of the Barry Foundation.

What are my advantages as a sponsor?

  • Personal relationship with your sponsor dog
    You can build up a relationship with your sponsor dog. As well as your sponsorship certificate, you will receive up-to-date information and photos of your sponsor dog. Sponsors who give at least Fr. 360 a year in support of their sponsor dogs are also entitled to visit their dogs by prior arrangement, to stroke them, to take photos of them and to take them for a walk (in the company of a dog keeper).
  • Free admission to the Saint Bernard museum and breeding kennel facilities on the Great Saint Bernard pass
    Sponsors are entitled to free admission to the hospice breeding kennel facilities and the Barryland – Musée et Chiens du Saint-Bernard in Martigny to pay a pre-arranged visit to their sponsor dog for themselves and one accompanying guest.
  • Regular information about the Barry Foundation
    We will be delighted to send you our Newsletter “BarryNews”, which is published five times a year.

Who can become a sponsor?

Individuals and legal entities (e.g. companies) can take on a sponsorship. Sponsorships can also be offered to other people as gifts.

How much does a sponsorship cost?

There are three sponsorship categories:

  • Platinum at CHF 2,400 per year
  • Gold at CHF 1,200 per year
  • Silver at CHF 600 per year
  • Bronze at CHF 360 per year

The detailed sponsorship conditions can be found here:

Become a sponsor and offer the dogs of the Great Saint Bernard a secure future!

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