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Birth Announcement at the Barry Foundation

The Barry Foundation is very proud to announce two births:

Martigny, 3 May 2019 - The Barry Foundation is very proud to announce the birth of eight puppies born to mum Nevada du Grand St.Bernard and dad Apollon de L’Orée des Montagnes.


Martigny, 17 April 2019 - The Barry Foundation is very proud to announce the birth of seven puppies born to mum Rangoon du Grand-Saint-Bernard and dad Odysseus von Goldachtal.


The great adventure begins...

In keeping with the time-honoured tradition, the little ones are doing very well indeed and are already stealing hearts! They will spend their first six weeks in the breeding facility, where they will be able to explore new surfaces, be exposed to all sorts of different noises and engage in a number of games: this is a key stage in the young dogs' lives, aimed at promoting socialisation and facilitating adaptation.

Presentation at Barryland...

Save the date in your diaries for the official presentation of these irresistable little fur balls on 23 May, when the public will be able to watch the litter run around clumsily and get up to their daily mischief.

Another "birth" at Barryland...

As well as this very exciting news, Barryland is pleased to announce the creation of a brand new entertainment and activity programme for its museum and restaurant. This calendar of events ("Les 4 saisons de Barry", the four seasons of St. Bernards) will be available on a quarterly basis, following the rhythm of the seasons: Find out now what spring has in store for you.


If you have fallen in love with our puppies?

You can watch them via live streaming.


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