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A will represents an opportunity to dispose of one’s estate according to one’s wishes. Yet many people miss out on this chance to do so because they find it hard to come to terms with their mortality. However, if you would like to be able to determine the use to which your assets are put after you are gone, you should make a will.

The will contains clear instructions which must be followed, provided they are within the law. A certain portion of your estate is reserved for your immediate relatives, but you are free to choose what to do with the remainder. It is customary to remember people who mean a lot to you in your will. Through your will, however, you can also provide valuable support to organisations whose work you particularly approve of. If you do not make a will, it is the law that decides how it should be distributed. If you have no legal heirs, your entire estate goes to the state.

If you are keen on ensuring the continuing existence of the famous and legendary St. Bernard dogs at the Great St. Bernard Pass, why not remember the Fondation Barry in your will?

To make a gift of this nature, you have to make a will. Our guide to making a will explains how to make a legally valid will and leave a gift or “legacy” to an organisation such as the Fondation Barry.

Legacies to the Fondation Barry are exempt from Swiss inheritance tax. This means that the entire legacy can be used for maintaining the dogs at the Great St. Bernard Pass.

Free will guide

Order our guide to making a will now:
it explains why you should make a will and what you should bear in mind when doing so. (only available in French, German and Italian)
Our Barrys and the whole Fondation Barry team thank you for your support! We guarantee to treat the contents of your will as confidential and follow your instructions.

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